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// Owned and operated by Rhys Lindsay and partner Christal McAdam.


We offer vehicle servicing, safety checks, puncture repairs, mechanical repairs, full electrical repairs and diagnosing, We can also offer full intake manifold cleaning including walnut blasting, air conditioning service.

Reasonable Price

AUTO SUPER SHOPPE TAWA offers trusted and skilled car mechanics in WELLINGTON at the best prices.

Expert Mechanics

Staffed with expert mechanics in WELLINGTON, ensures your vehicle is in the hands of the pros.

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Where speed meets precision, ensures your car gets back on the road in no time.

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Safety Is Our First Priority.

Your Car's Safety is Our #1 Priority: Trust AUTO SUPER SHOPPE TAWA for top-notch vehicle care.

At AUTO SUPER SHOPPE TAWA, our unwavering commitment to your vehicle's well-being drives us to deliver top-notch automotive care and peace of mind. Count on us for top-notch vehicle service and a commitment to keeping you and your car safe on the road.

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    What We Do.


    We can complete a WOF inspection with your vehicle service

    • // Comprehensive Safety Inspection
    • // Expert Inspectors
    • // Timely Renewal
    • // Convenient Scheduling

    We use advanced diagnostic tools to find and repair your fault promptly

    • // AIRBAGS
    • // GPS SYSTEMS

    We offer a range of car servicing options for both petrol and diesel vehicles

    • // Oil Change
    • // Engine Management
    • // Free courtesy vehicle
    • // Regular Checkups

    Our Team.

    // Director //

    Rhys Lindsay

    // Director //

    Christal McAdam

    // 2IC //

    Keaton Chetty

    // Service Advisor //

    Emjay Dette

    // Qualified Tech //

    Caleb Dawson

    // Helping Hand //

    Liam Parker

    // First Year Apprentice //

    Reilly Wilson

    // First Year Apprentice //

    Thomas Craven

    Get The Best Car Service.

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