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A clean car exhaust system is a clear indicator that your vehicle is running smoothly. If you notice your car exhaust is loud or dirty, it's advisable to have it checked promptly.

Our Commitment to Your Vehicle's Exhaust Health:

Comprehensive Exhaust Inspection:

Our expert team can conduct a thorough inspection of your exhaust system in as little as 10 minutes. These inspections are seamlessly integrated into all our vehicle services, ensuring that your car exhaust is free from leaks. Addressing issues promptly is crucial to prevent the release of carbon monoxide fumes inside your vehicle.

Installation and Repair Expertise:

Whether it’s a standard or modified car exhaust system, our skilled technicians possess the expertise to handle installations and repairs for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Trust us to maintain the integrity of your exhaust system for optimal performance.

Visual Check for Exhaust Health:

A simple yet effective method to gauge your exhaust system’s health is to visually inspect the panels around the exhaust pipe. If these panels appear grey and dirty, it could indicate that your exhaust may not be running as cleanly as it should be. Visit us for a thorough inspection and expert advice.

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Do You Know ?

Legally, tyre treads must be at least 1.5mm deep across three-quarters of the tread pattern around the entire tyre. Tread depth indicators, if present, must also have a minimum depth of 1.5mm in these areas.


Wheel Alignments:

Wheel alignments are crucial for your car’s handling, fuel economy, and tyre longevity. At Auto Super Shoppes, we use the latest laser technology to ensure all four wheels are parallel, highlighting any steering or suspension faults.

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