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Streamlined Inspections and Expert Services for Your Peace of Mind

A Warrant of Fitness (WOF) is a mandatory requirement for vehicles, with inspections required every six months for vehicles six years or older, and annually for new vehicles. At Auto Super Shoppes, we streamline the process by offering WOF inspections alongside your vehicle service, saving you time and money.

Our WOF Inspection Team

Expertise and Qualification:

Benefit from the expertise of our three fully qualified WOF inspectors, each possessing extensive experience in vehicle mechanics and servicing. Our inspectors stay updated on the latest industry standards, ensuring a thorough and compliant WOF inspection.

Skillful and Timely Repairs:

In the event of any issues uncovered during the WOF inspection, our skilled technicians are equipped to efficiently perform onsite repairs. This streamlined process ensures that necessary repairs are addressed promptly, allowing for a smooth re-inspection and WOF issuance.

Commitment to Ongoing Training:

Our WOF inspection team is committed to continuous improvement. They regularly update their skills, participating in ongoing training programs to stay at the forefront of WOF requirements. This commitment reflects our dedication to providing high-quality and up-to-date inspection services for your vehicle.

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Did you know:

It’s a good idea to combine your WOF and vehicle service, because WOF inspections do not cover all aspects of your vehicle. For example engine, clutch, gearbox and differential; lubricant levels and condition; brake pad thickness or life expectancy; and paint work condition and rust in non-structural areas are not checked in WOF inspections, but they can be checked as part of a vehicle service.

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