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Expert Diagnostics, Thorough Repairs, and Brake Fluid Maintenance for Your Peace of Mind

At Auto Super Shoppes, we prioritize your safety and driving performance with our comprehensive tyre services. Equipped with quality tyre fitting and balancing machines, we address tyre wear and handling issues for larger vehicles, utilizing our state-of-the-art wheel alignment machine on our wide-body hoist.

Comprehensive Brake Services:

Identification of Issues

Our team is equipped to identify and address various brake issues, from simple wear and tear to more complex problems causing changes in your vehicle’s performance.

Testing and Repairs

We conduct thorough tests on your braking system and execute necessary repairs. From brake pads to hoses and fluid, we ensure your braking components are in optimal condition.

Expert Technicians

Trust our experienced technicians to diagnose and fix any brake-related problems, providing you with the assurance of safe and efficient braking.

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