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Ensuring Optimal Cooling Performance for a Cool and Comfortable Journey

Car air-conditioning systems require regular servicing, typically every two years. Over time, most air conditioning systems lose approximately 10-15% per year of refrigerant gas. At Auto Super Shoppes, we offer a comprehensive air conditioning service to ensure your system operates efficiently.

Our Air Conditioning Service:

Compressor Oil Testing and Replacement:

Emphasizing the critical factors of tread and tyre pressure, we ensure your vehicle grips the road surface effectively during braking and cornering. Proper inflation is vital for fuel efficiency and overall wear.

Discharging and Recharging:

Our service involves discharging, recharging, and lubricating your refrigerant system, optimizing its performance and cooling efficiency.

Evaporator Cleaning and Inspection:

We perform a thorough cleaning and inspection of the evaporator, ensuring that the air conditioning system operates at its best. This step helps maintain air quality, prevent clogs, and enhances the overall performance of your car’s air conditioning.

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